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White acerum


A crystal-clear eau-de-vie with no added sugar or sweetener.

Alc./Vol. 40%
Vol. 500ml
Sugar 0 g/L


Fermentation of end-of-season maple syrup by Champagne yeast. Double distillation in copper still.


Pear, melon, and licorice, evolving into hints of fern, white pepper, and sap.


Floral, long, and velvety, reminiscent of the sweetness of brown caramel.


Acerum is a maple eau-de-vie made from maple obtained exclusively through the distillation of alcohol derived from the fermentation of concentrated Quebec maple sap.

Produced by a small number of pioneering distilleries since 2017, Quebec's Acerum is on track to become a protected geographical indication (PGI).

FOVE is proudly contributing to the development and promotion of this unique and noble spirit, which highlights one of Quebec's most iconic resources.


  1. Drink neat in a small sherry glass at room temperature. Perfect as a post-meal drink, akin to grappa.
  2. Drizzle over a citrus or pear sorbet for a Trou Normand.
  3. Combine with FOVE Citrus syrup, skillfully formulated to enhance its flavors, when crafting cocktails.

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