Project 003

Dark Rum


A traditional dark rum enhanced with a finish in charred maple barrels.

Alc./Vol. 42%
Vol. 750ml
Sugar 14 g/L


Blackstrap molasses from Guatemala fermented using cachaça yeast.
Double distillation in a copper still with plates.

Maturation in American whiskey barrels. Special finish in barrels previously containing torch-charred maple syrup.


Candied fruitcake, spices, cherry, and pineapple. Maple taffy on the second nose.


Rich flavors of molasses, nutmeg, tobacco, and burnt wood. Smooth and slightly sweet maple finish.

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We are rum enthusiasts; a spirit whose aromatic richness knows no bounds, and whose culture is festive, colourful, and intimately linked to the New World. FOVE crafts its rums from A to Z in an artisanal manner, using imported cane molasses fermented and distilled in Quebec. Our efforts are focused on magnifying the rich aromas of molasses through each stage of transformation: from fermentation to barrel maturation. FOVE rums are designed to pay homage to the traditional methods of the Caribbean, enhanced with a local and unique signature through our selection of fermentation yeasts, mindful distillation, and a finish imbued with local ingredients.

How to enjoy

  1. Enjoy neat or on the rocks, in order to appreciate all the flavours.
  2. Incorporate into a classic rum cocktail or into an original creation.
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